What is a digital shadow?

A digital shadow is the trail of information about organizations and individuals that can be found on the Internet, published in print, in radio and television broadcasts or stored in proprietary computer databases. This phenomenon is also sometimes called a “digital footprint.”

Digital shadows also refers to a wide range of information gathered by technological means ranging from “smart” electric meters equipped with wireless data transmitters to the magnetic strips on plastic cards such as drivers’ licenses and credit cards.

Digital Shadow Management was founded by media professionals with extensive experience with online, video and print media communications and marketing.

Digital Shadow Management focuses on content research, creation and management across all media, with a special emphasis on online, print and video. We can help manage your digital shadow in an increasingly complex information environment.

Digital Shadow Management is also the parent company for several start-up online publications, social networks and e-commerce sites. DSM is also a creative services shop producing content for clients across all media—online, print, video and audio.

Digital Shadow Management and its creative team  provides:

• Custom publishing with one-stop production of print media from brochures to full-color magazines • Custom online publishing from concept to completion • Copywriting for advertising, marketing, and journalism for business-to-business or business-to-consumer marketing • Web site content management • Search engine optimization, search engine marketing • Video and audio production and post-production • Content for radio, television and the web • Public relations and media relations • Graphic design for print and digital media • Media consulting and analysis • Speech writing, white papers and ghost writing • Corporate presentations and communications •

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