The Workforce Management Podcast

Interviews with leading figures and experts in the human resources and workforce management. Produced and engineered by Robert Scally.

India’s New Bargain

This three-part podcast series, produced and engineered by Robert Scally, examines how India’s outsourcing industry is evolving.

PODCAST: India’s New Bargain—Series overview

Workforce Management reporter Jeremy Smerd outlines his reporting trip to India and discusses the country’s relationship with the U.S. workforce. (Opens a 5MB MP3 audio file. Duration: 4:02 seconds)

PODCAST: India’s New Bargain—Episode 1

Prabir Jha
Prabir Jha

Prabir Jha, head of human resources at Indian drug maker Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories discusses recruiting and retention in one of the world’s tightest labor markets. (Opens a 4.5MB MP3 audio file. Duration: 12:59 seconds)

PODCAST: India’s New Bargain—Episode 2

Rajan Bhandari, senior manager, iGate Global Solutions, and Ritu Aurora, a division head of learning and development, discuss Indian cultural etiquette. (Opens a 2,750 KB MP3 audio file. Duration: 14:36 seconds)

China Matters Podcasts

China Matters is a series of interviewes with several of China’s leading workforce management professionals. Produced and engineered for workforce.com by Robert Scally, this series of podcasts brings you informative interviews with Chinese human resources executives who are grappling with talent acquisition, management and leadership issues in the world’s fastest growing economy.

Shanghai skyline. Photo by Nita Jatar Kulkarni
Guo Xin

Interview with Guo Xin, managing director for Greater China for Mercer Human Resource Consulting

During an interview at Mercer’s Beijing offices, Guo says that leadership is critical for firms in China because the country’s vast potential market makes it a “hill to die for.”

Teresa Woodland

Interview with Teresa Woodland, a Beijing-based independent consultant

Teresa Woodland is a Beijing-based consultant. She says firms in China are promoting people more quickly than they might in other parts of the world. But, she said, there are steps companies can take to ease the transitions.


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