The Workforce Management Podcast

Interviews with leading figures and experts in the human resources and workforce management. Produced and engineered by Robert Scally.

India’s New Bargain

This three-part podcast series, produced and engineered by Robert Scally, examines how India’s outsourcing industry is evolving.

PODCAST: India’s New Bargain—Series overview

Workforce Management reporter Jeremy Smerd outlines his reporting trip to India and discusses the country’s relationship with the U.S. workforce. (Opens a 5MB MP3 audio file. Duration: 4:02 seconds)

PODCAST: India’s New Bargain—Episode 1

Prabir Jha
Prabir Jha

Prabir Jha, head of human resources at Indian drug maker Dr. Reddy’s Laboratories discusses recruiting and retention in one of the world’s tightest labor markets. (Opens a 4.5MB MP3 audio file. Duration: 12:59 seconds)

PODCAST: India’s New Bargain—Episode 2

Rajan Bhandari, senior manager, iGate Global Solutions, and Ritu Aurora, a division head of learning and development, discuss Indian cultural etiquette. (Opens a 2,750 KB MP3 audio file. Duration: 14:36 seconds)


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